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Loan Calculator To buy classic cars, they are usually looking for more than just a means of transportation to and from work. They want to allow themselves a piece of history. For many, the vehicle brings back fond memories of their youth. For others, it’s all about turning heads. Since you’re targeting a specific audience, you need to know what exactly is involved in the classic car sales process.


1. Research

loan research

Before you start talking to potential buyers, do your homework and understand a little bit about your car. Check out all the specs of it and everything that makes this year and model special. Interesting news such as how many of them are still left or how many were originally built may intrigue potential buyers. It will also help during the car price evaluation process.


2. Determine the value

loan value

Before selling any vehicle, especially on your own as a private seller, you should find out its value. While Relley Blue Book is the most acceptable method for new cars, it is not so much for antiques. Search online how much your car variety is sold for at auctions or even on classified ads.


3. Write a description

loan calculator

Write an elaborate description on your car. People want to know everything they can for the vehicle, especially considering classic vehicles selling for tens of thousands of even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need to include engine information and nothing noteworthy. In addition, you should include all the information on what you have done to alter the vehicle. For example, it should include if it has been reupholstered or if you have made any updates such as automotive painting. Any vehicle components that you update or modify must be mentioned as well. The number of miles on it, the make, model and year, along with the asking price is important to include, too.


4. Take photos

Take photos

Take lots of photos from all angles. Those who are looking for a vintage car want details, so wow them with some photos of a car that has just been polished and is all set to go to a new home.


5. Auctions and Websites

Auctions and Websites

Publish your photos and your descriptive passage on auction sites such as iBay Motors. iBay has a specific section dedicated to old cars. There are also sites dedicated to vintage cars that will allow you to share specifications and photos. Your favorite auto forum may also have a classified section.


6. Talking to potential buyers

loan calculator

When talking to potential customers, be honest. All surprising mention the car first. If they have grown during the time of the vehicle, it is advisable to try to run their memory a little, just as to raise their interest. Let the prospective buyer know why it is selling. Make sure to mention something wrong with the vehicle.

And if all else fails, you can still look for a professional with auto sales training. Just choose a person who loves cars as much as you do and you’re good to go.

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